At Culture Collective, part of our role is to celebrate and advocate for the role of culture in communities, and for artists and freelancers. We share our advocacy activity here, for transparency, reference, and in the hope that it feeds into wider activity in this space.

Creative Scotland submitted a response to the Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee (CEEAC) inquiry into Culture for Communities. Through this inquiry, the Committee wanted to understand:

  • How do national and local layers of government, along with the third sector, complement each other to ensure that communities have opportunities to take part in cultural activities?
  • How is unmet cultural need determined? And who decides this?
  • What does good ‘place-based’ cultural policy look like in practice?

Creative Scotland’s response highlighted the work of Culture Collective (page 6 of the submission), and highlighted Culture Collective projects underway by Toonspeak, Alchemy Film and Arts, Open Road, SEALL and TRACS. The full submission is available below.