At Culture Collective, part of our role is to celebrate and advocate for the role of culture in communities, and for artists and freelancers. We share our advocacy activity here, for transparency, reference, and in the hope that it feeds into wider activity in this space.

In April 2022 we submitted a response to the recommendations for the National Partnership for Culture. A key part of the discussions that led to the establishment of Culture Collective in early 2021, the National Partnership for Culture is tasked by the Scottish Government to “support delivery of the collective vision, ambitions, aims and actions set out in the culture strategy, help to inform and influence policy decisions and continue the national culture conversation so we can drive the transformational potential of culture”.

In March 2022, the National Partnership for Culture published a series of recommendations, focussed on five themes:

  1. Education and learning
  2. Community and place
  3. Health and wellbeing
  4. Fair work
  5. Data and evidence

Our experience with Culture Collective projects and practitioners has given us plenty of experience on many of these issues, and we shared this experience in a response to the recommendations, which you can read here.