In October 2023, as part of the Culture Collective Celebration event, we installed a ‘Book Nook’ (reading room) at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh. Filled with the many books, pamphlets, zines and publications created by the Culture Collective network, it offered a fascinating insight into the breadth and diversity of projects, as well as showcasing the creativity that emerged from and with communities. Whilst some of those publications exist only in physical format, we’ve gathered digital versions of as many as we can to create this Virtual Book Nook. We hope this will serve as an archive of some of the Culture Collective’s creativity, as well as to offer a moment of pause, exploration and discovery for those looking to explore Culture Collective anywhere, anytime. Dive in…





A commemorative zine inspired by Artlink's Leylines project at Howden Park, Livingston, and edited by Peter Johnstone. Features interviews between Peter and various participants in the programme, as well as artworks highlighting the breadth and diversity of work.




Sensory Collective: A Playful Manifesto – This is a manifesto that begins but will never end. This is a translation of my world to yours. This is a celebration of existence; mine, yours and theirs. This is a public display of affection for each and every creature. This is a protest of the notion that there is any correct way to live. This is a public display of rejection of the idea that one’s usefulness is a measure of their humanity. This is a love letter to joy to sadness to fear and discovery. A call to play written by Max Alexander, also known as Play Radical, who is an artist, writer and play specialist.










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Salma is currently an artist in residence with Dance North as part of the Arts in Moray (AIM) Collective programme. AIM is a Culture Collective project, funded by Scottish Government through Creative Scotland.