The Glossary is a contribution to a shared understanding of creative work with people and communities. It was initially created by Katharine Wheeler (Project Coordinator at What We Do Now) as part of a piece of investigatory work for The Stove‘s Embers project (report published in April 2020). The Glossary continues to grow as part of Katharine’s personal practice.

It uses found and borrowed references from creative practice (such as: ‘participatory’ and ‘socially engaged’) as well as references from community-focused and collaborative work. The Glossary also sits within wider social concepts (‘wellbeing economics’, ‘place principle’, ‘community wealth building’, ‘inclusive growth’) that are often connected with this area of creative work.

Additions and suggested edits to The Glossary are welcome, to grow this resource in collaboration.

Our thanks to Katharine for permission to share this resource here.

This Glossary started as a way to define meaning in a piece of writing about creative work with people and communities and to support easier reading and wider understanding. ​ My hope is for it to be an evolving collection, and tool for communication, in creative community focused work.
— Katharine Wheeler