Heather Parry joined the panel for one of our Culture Collective events supporting new and early-career artists. Heather shared her expertise about the behind the scenes of freelancing. Here, we’re delighted to share her work, The Illustrated Freelancer’s Guide: a practical guide to the business of freelancing, and to the working rights of freelancers in the creative industries – with illustrations by Maria Stoian to help digest the information.

It was created to fill an information gap for creative freelancers to understand their rights and best practices in avoiding and addressing difficult situations.

Our thanks to Heather for permission to share this resource here.

With the information here, you’ll be able to avoid some of the pitfalls of freelancing in our social environment as it stands now, and help you to understand what your rights are, so you can live a happy, well balanced and properly remunerated life as a creative freelancer.
— Heather Parry