This is the Future Culture podcast. Based on our 2021 Starting Points event series, which explored pertinent themes to community-based art projects within the network, Future Culture will explore what comes next. What does the future hold for creatives and their importance for communities across Scotland as we go forward?

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Future Culture trailer

Future Culture trailer transcript

Episode one: ACT

Future Culture ACT transcript

Episode two: NOURISH

Future Culture NOURISH transcript

Episode three: AMPLIFY

Future Culture AMPLIFY transcript

Episode four: SPOTLIGHT

Future Culture SPOTLIGHT transcript

Episode five: BROADCAST

Future Culture BROADCAST transcript 

Episode six: LOCATE

Future Culture LOCATE transcript

Episode seven: LIVE

Future Culture LIVE transcript 

More about the series

Throughout the podcast series, we will be speaking to the people steering Culture Collective projects across Scotland about what influences and inspires their work and their communities. We’ll be exploring subjects such as the environment, wellbeing, language, investment, minoritisation and much, much more.

Listened to the episodes? Why not head to our Miro board? An online space that’s been created to invite you to join the conversation. Add your thoughts, insights, experiences and questions here and we’ll include your perspectives in our future conversations.

You can also watch the Starting Points event recordings here.

Production team

Produced by Halina Rifai
Presented by Morvern Cunningham
Music by Hen Hoose
Artwork by Maria Stoian