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The People’s Parish will enable people in Scotland’s communities – using the resources of shared traditions, collective imagination and creativity – to tell their story to themselves and to the world, in their chosen combination of media and genres. Our project will cover nine localities, urban and rural, with different but significant needs, and will explore the benefits of the approach for individual well-being and community empowerment.

The project will broadly tackle two areas:

1. Inequality of not only access to the arts due to deprivation, isolation and/or social class, but also the corresponding inequality of opportunity in shaping a collective artistic and creative future.

2. Increasing isolation and loneliness arising from loss of community cohesion due to Covid-19 and/or poverty.

Culture Collective Co-ordinators:

  • Donald Smith
  • David Francis

The creative practitioners taking part in this project are:

  • Anne Pitcher
  • Dan Serridge
  • Esther Kent
  • Helen Mill
  • John Hamilton
  • Paul Bristow
  • Steve Byrne
  • Yvonne Weighand Lyle
  • Carol Stobie
  • Janet Brown
  • Douglas Mackay
  • Fiona MacDougall