Hosted by Firefly Arts, West Lothian ARC aims to place arts and culture at the heart of West Lothian’s social and economic recovery. Our project brings together artists and communities to address barriers to and perceptions of inclusion, equality and empowerment, while also creating sustainable cultural partnerships.

ARC supports artists with a connection to West Lothian through training, mentoring, peer-learning and other professional development opportunities. Our network has currently more than 70 members.

As part of our programme, we host a regular Artist Café with various guest speakers, we support three artists through our Creative Placements scheme, and have kickstarted four socially engaged arts programmes with local communities in West Lothian. Our project continues until September 2024.

Culture Collective Co-ordinator:

  • Dio Anemogiannis

Creative Placement: Project Assistant

  • Louise Muriel Burns

Creative Placement: Artist Network Coordinator

  • Emma Lawrance

Creative Placement: Filmmaking

  • Rachel McBrinn

Associated Artists per Project:

Arts and Reminiscence (in collaboration with Heatherfield Nursing Home)

  • Mary Gapinski
  • Jean Gillespie
  • Jen Collier

Pathways Project (in collaboration with West Lothian Council)

  • Dan Brown
  • Forest Wolfe

Tapestry Project (in collaboration with SPARK)

  • Emma Lawrance
  • Jen Collier

Winter Show (in collaboration with Firefly Arts)

  • Stephen Will
  • Forest Wolfe