This work is intended to give space to the often underrepresented and unheard voices within the network. Those of us involved in creating the guide acknowledge that we do not speak for everyone. These are simply our experiences as artists from a range of different backgrounds and experiences, and trusted representatives of our peers. We hope that our words will lead to improvements within arts organisations, as well as resonating with the artists for whom it is intended to help.

In this guide, you will find testimonies from different peer groups. These include ‘The Diverse Artists’ Group’, which support artists from a Global Majority Background, ‘The Queer Peers’, supporting artists from the LGBTQ+ community, and ‘The Disabled Artists’ Group’, who support Disabled artists within their network. We have also drawn on the expertise of artists who are neurodivergent, artists who are parents and carers, and Care Experienced Youth. These artists have given their experiences and expertise to help shape a guide that provides important representation for marginalised artists, which can be used by organisations wanting to learn how to meaningfully support artists at these intersections of identity.





Matt Hickman – Culture Collective Engagement Lead – He/Him
Maya-Rose Edwards – Project Co-Lead – They/Them
Jess Brough – Editor – They/Them


Sean Casey – Any Pronouns
Jade Montserrat – She/Her
Max Alexander – He/Him
Front Cover/Manifesto Design and Illustration – Maria Stoian – She/Her
Intersectional Working Day Live Illustrator – Shirin Karbor – She/Her

Intersectional Day Contributors:

Nina Doherty – She/Her
Salma Faraji – She/Her
Rebecca Livesey-Wright – They/Her
Faith Young – She/They
Indra Wilson – They/Them
Kate MacKay – She/Her
Milo Clenshaw – He/Him
Moira Salt – She/Her
Elaine Cheng – She/Her
Sonia Allori – She/Her
Mina Heydari-Waite – She/Her

Notes from:

Rachael Macintyre – She/Her
Fiona Evans – She/Her
Marta Adamowicz – She/Her
Indra Wilson – They/Them
Mina Heydari-Waite – She/Her
Robert Motyka – He/Him
Dr Sonia Allori – She/Her
Milo Clenshaw – He/Him
Salma Faraji – She/Her
Miwa Nagato-Apthorp – She/Her

With thanks to Culture Collective’s Queer Peers, Diverse Artists’ Group, Disabled Artist’s Group and The Culture Collective Lead Team for their input and support.

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